Your leaders are the conduit in your business for ensuring sustainable performance and growth.

That's why we ensure your senior executives, seasoned managers and emerging leaders aspire to leadership excellence, and demonstrate capability and behaviour that is critical for delivering on business strategy.


We will work with you to design and deliver customised solutions that will raise the leadership bar within your industry.


Whether addressing an individual need, or as part of a wider initiative, gain insight and confidence with us at your back.  Our leadership and people management solutions are delivered through group workshops, one-to-one coaching, blended solutions and online resources and tools.


Complement existing technical or operational expertise with the people skills that are critical to leadership effectiveness. Empower your seasoned managers with the capability to lead rather than just manage and to demonstrate leadership behaviour that will earn the respect of their people and enhance the performance of their team.


Jump start the leadership capability of your emerging leaders by providing the core skills that are essential to positive people management. Ensure promising or existing supervisors, team leaders and managers, have the necessary skills from the get go and nurture their leadership career within your business.


Ensure their is buy-in to a leadership culture from the top down. Through our 3 x 3 x 3 model, enable your senior executives to identify and drive personal, professional and business success. De-mystify the outcomes associated with executive coaching by protecting individual confidentiality at the same time as delivering coaching results for the business that are clear, tangible and measurable.


Develop a succession planning framework in your business and minimise the risks associated with the unexpected loss of key talent. Build your own leadership development programme and select fundamental and skill builder modules that will address the specific leadership ‘pain points in your business. Drip feed leadership learning over several months and enable participants to practise and test new skills and behaviour while subject matter experts are at the ready to provide feedback and coaching.

Why gamble with the investment being placed into your people managers and leaders?  Engage us for a lasting solution that delivers on your business strategy.

  • We create learning environments where assumptions are challenged and established ways of thinking and acting are tested and adapted.
  • Our interactive, customised, relevant and practical learning techniques ensure new skill and behaviour is not only applied – it becomes second nature.
  • Our blended learning approach has been designed to cater to differences in individual learning behaviours, levels of resistance, self-discipline, roadblocks, and the innate ability to sustain focus and motivation.
  • We take the time to learn about your people, the company’s values and culture, and the results you need for the business vision to be realised.
  • Our highly experienced subject matter-experts facilitate customised workshops and tailored coaching programmes that are practical and results focused.
  • To ensure relevance, we incorporate specific pain points experienced by your business and your people into our facilitation.

Simply put, we represent the research that demonstrates the learning modalities that ensure new skill and behaviour is applied and sustained for the long term.

CDL's working style, the skills of the facilitator, and the modular based approach, enabled us to tailor programme content and delivery within a unique learning context, to ensure it delivered the outcomes we sought. Thanks CDL, always a pleasure to work with you!

I would have no hesitation in recommending CDL for Leadership Development coaching. The outcomes they have achieved through the tailored and confidential approach they take in balancing the professional needs of the individual with achieving a return on our investment as a business, has more than validated our decision to engage CDL.

Throughout the Leadership Pathways programme, I have witnessed enormous growth in each of the participants. Not only have we as an organisation received impact that exceeded our original expectations but the executive team has acknowledged a significant net return on investment in increased focus, productivity and retention of key talent.

The learning that CDL has provided around understanding situations, managing conflict and engaging others, has equipped our team leaders with the strength, understanding, compassion and leadership required to endure whatever obstacles they face moving forward. I fully recommend this course, and believe that it would always have an outstanding impact on anyone who attends.

Janine Lipsys HR Manager
Julie Millar Partner
Renee HR Manager
Andrew Techncial Lead Integration

Ready for a learning solution that is tuned for your leaders and people managers? Let's talk! 

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