Lifestyle Planning - Retirement

The traditional view of retirement just does not fit any more. Most of today’s employees who are over the age of 50 are looking for more balance between work and personal commitments. This comprehensive course covers many aspects of ‘third age’ planning and will assist you to identify the opportunities and take action that is deliberate and decisive.

Lifestyle Planning - Retirement


One-day course delivered as an in-house workshop or one-to-one coaching programme.


In the past 20 years there has been an increase of 288 per cent in the number of people aged over 65 years who are still in the workforce.

Retirement looks nothing like it did ten years ago when you left work with a gold watch and took up bowls the next day.

People are generally living longer and are more active past 65 than ever before — the idea of ‘slowing down’ can be a scary prospect. Some people aim to take early retirement, but what will this mean for the years ahead? Gradual retirement, consulting, volunteer work, starting a new business, travel and retraining are all possibilities.

This course provides the tools and information for people considering retirement or lifestyle change to explore their options and plan for their future. Delivery is flexible as either a one-to-one coaching programme or as a facilitated workshop depending on the needs of your organisation.


This course is designed for employees aged 45 years and over who want to plan for eventual full or partial retirement and any associated lifestyle change.


  • Retirees often underestimate their financial needs leading into retirement and see their long list of ‘things I’ve been meaning to do’ as filling their days for the foreseeable future. However the impact of retirement and what that means to their sense of self and personal identity, and the reality of days stretching by with nothing in particular to achieve and possibly a tighter budget than anticipated can lead to depression, financial hardship and relationship strain. This course enables people considering retirement or lifestyle change to fully explore their options and plan for the implications and realities of exiting the workforce as they know it. The result is a positive future to plan for and enjoy and an easy transition into their new life.


On completion of this coaching programme, participants will be able to…

  • Understand their personal readiness for retirement and know how their time will be best spent later in life
  • Understand various work options, know how to deal with any age issues and how to effectively blend leisure and work activities
  • Understand and plan for implications of aging and life outside of full-time employment including financial and legal considerations, health and fitness and living arrangements
  • Adopt a holistic view to planning retirement or lifestyle change and know how to positively manage the transition and beyond.

Talk to us about an in-house workshop, one-to-one coaching programme, or blended solution.

Customised workshops and tailored coaching programmes that are interactivepractical, results-focused and address pressure points.


Our group workshops are designed to be highly people interactive and customised, led by subject-matter experts who incorporate specific examples and ‘pressure points’ from within your business, into their facilitation.​

In a workshop environment, the CDL facilitator is skilled at quickly building credibility, personal rapport and trust. Those who are easily distracted, ‘set in their ways’ or resistant to learning new skills and behaviours, are readily identified and directly re-engaged, motivated and re-focused.​


Provided as a stand-alone coaching programme and facilitated by a subject-matter expert on a third party basis to delve deep into a particular need.

One-to-one coaching is also provided by CDL as part of a blended learning solution, typically following workshop activity or digital learning. Research affirms that 70% of learning comes from application, and CDL considers coaching to be an essential component for ensuring new skills and behaviour are readily applied back into real-life and workplace situations.​

Throughout the Leadership Pathways programme, I have witnessed enormous growth in each of the participants. Not only have we as an organisation received impact that exceeded our original expectations but the executive team has acknowledged a significant net return on investment in increased focus, productivity and retention of key talent.

Renee , HR Manager

One of the key benefits of using the professional services of CDL is the quality of their people, the flexibility and ease of use of the programmes they apply and the sensitive and empathetic approach they show to managers and staff. CDL is an organisation I can rely on to make a difference.

General Manager , Human Resources, Public Trust

I would have no hesitation in recommending CDL for Leadership Development coaching. The outcomes they have achieved through the tailored and confidential approach they take in balancing the professional needs of the individual with achieving a return on our investment as a business, has more than validated our decision to engage CDL.

Julie Millar , Partner

I have always found CDL to be very approachable, helpful and professional and they have certainly added value to our team.

Manager Personnel Licensing , Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

The learning that CDL has provided around understanding situations, managing conflict and engaging others, has equipped our team leaders with the strength, understanding, compassion and leadership required to endure whatever obstacles they face moving forward. I fully recommend this course, and believe that it would always have an outstanding impact on anyone who attends.

Andrew , Techncial Lead Integration

We generate lasting results by creating learning environments where assumptions are challenged, and established ways of thinking are tested and adapted.

Distinctly different to providing one dimensional training or ‘off-the-shelf’ e-learning, we take the time to learn about your people, the company’s values and culture, and the results you need for the business vision to be realised.

Our highly experienced subject-matter experts facilitate customised workshops and tailored coaching programmes that are practical and results focused. To ensure relevance, we incorporate specific pain points experienced by your business and your people into our facilitation.

As part of any individual or group focused leadership or development intervention, we also guide managers in the critical role they have before, during and following the learning being provided to their employees. Simply put, we represent the research that demonstrates the learning modalities that ensure new skill and behaviour is applied and sustained for the long term.


  • Nation-wide and international capability.
  • ​Experiential learning.
  • Effective and sustainable outcomes that meet your business objectives.
  • Coaches and facilitators that are best-in-class subject-matter experts, with strong business acumen.
  • FREE access for your people to our extensive learning and development resource hub.
  • Confidential and objective advice, at no extra charge, whenever you need it.
  • Measurement of the return on your investment.
  • CPD hours.

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