Assertiveness Skills


Delivered as an in-house workshop or one-to-one coaching programme.


Confidential and personalised, one-to-one coaching based on the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® personality profile. Coaching focuses on the triggers of interpersonal conflict, inappropriate responses and behaviour, and teaches the skills associated with controlling behaviour, compromise and developing more effective interpersonal strategies.


Employees at any level who need to develop greater interpersonal awareness and more effectively manage relationships where interpersonal conflict occurs.


  • Determining triggers of interpersonal conflict
  • Assessing levels of accountability for inappropriate behaviour
  • Differences in interpersonal styles and behaviour
  • Personal blind spots
  • Stress triggers and responses under pressure
  • Behaviour patterns and impact on others
  • Techniques to control reactions
  • Learning the art of compromise


  • Understand and address triggers of interpersonal conflict
  • Take personal accountability for behaviour
  • Adapt their communication style when faced with interpersonal conflict
  • Recognise personal blind spots and impact on others
  • Identify and address stress triggers and likely responses
  • Control inappropriate behaviour and seek compromise

Talk to us about an in-house workshop, one-to-one coaching programme, or blended solution.

Customised workshops and tailored coaching programmes that are interactivepractical, results-focused and address pressure points.


Our group workshops are designed to be highly people interactive and customised, led by subject-matter experts who incorporate specific examples and ‘pressure points’ from within your business, into their facilitation.​

In a workshop environment, the CDL facilitator is skilled at quickly building credibility, personal rapport and trust. Those who are easily distracted, ‘set in their ways’ or resistant to learning new skills and behaviours, are readily identified and directly re-engaged, motivated and re-focused.​


Provided as a stand-alone coaching programme and facilitated by a subject-matter expert on a third party basis to delve deep into a particular need.

One-to-one coaching is also provided by CDL as part of a blended learning solution, typically following workshop activity or digital learning. Research affirms that 70% of learning comes from application, and CDL considers coaching to be an essential component for ensuring new skills and behaviour are readily applied back into real-life and workplace situations.​

CDL's working style, the skills of the facilitator, and the modular based approach, enabled us to tailor programme content and delivery within a unique learning context, to ensure it delivered the outcomes we sought. Thanks CDL, always a pleasure to work with you!

Janine Lipsys HR Manager

We generate lasting results by creating learning environments where assumptions are challenged, and established ways of thinking are tested and adapted.

Distinctly different to providing one dimensional training or ‘off-the-shelf’ e-learning, we take the time to learn about your people, the company’s values and culture, and the results you need for the business vision to be realised.

Our highly experienced subject-matter experts facilitate customised workshops and tailored coaching programmes that are practical and results focused. To ensure relevance, we incorporate specific pain points experienced by your business and your people into our facilitation.

As part of any individual or group focused leadership or development intervention, we also guide managers in the critical role they have before, during and following the learning being provided to their employees. Simply put, we represent the research that demonstrates the learning modalities that ensure new skill and behaviour is applied and sustained for the long term.


  • Nation-wide and international capability.
  • ​Experiential learning.
  • Effective and sustainable outcomes that meet your business objectives.
  • Coaches and facilitators that are best-in-class subject-matter experts, with strong business acumen.
  • FREE access for your people to our extensive learning and development resource hub.
  • Confidential and objective advice, at no extra charge, whenever you need it.
  • Measurement of the return on your investment.
  • CPD hours.

Ready for a learning solution that is tuned for your people and your business? Let's talk! 

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