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Our programmes are delivered by subject-matter experts with extensive real-world business experience and can be delivered at your location or at ours, nationwide or in select international locations.  With us at your back, you can be confident that your people are aligned with a coach or facilitator who is most suited to addressing their unique pressure points.

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  • Achieving Consensus and Buy-in

    Achieving Consensus and Buy-in

    Gaining consensus and achieving buy-in each have an important part to play in how decisions are made and how companies evolve. The fundamental difference between consensus and buy-in relates to who makes the decision.

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  • Advanced Problem Solving

    Advanced Problem Solving

    Finding solutions to multi-dimensional problems involves identifying and measuring all of the factors and selling the solution to a range of stakeholders to reduce the impact of a crisis situation.

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  • Anger Management Coaching

    Anger Management Coaching

    Confidential and personalised, one to one coaching focuses on potential causes of inappropriate behaviour, targets both personal and work-related emotional triggers and teaches the skills associated with controlling behaviour, compromise and developing more effective interpersonal strategies.

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  • Assertiveness Skills

    Assertiveness Skills

    Be heard and learn how to express your thoughts and ideas in an assertive and effective way without coming across as aggressive. Assertiveness is a strong interpersonal skill and this course will provide you with the skills to take control of situations without alienating others.

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  • Becoming a Business Partner

    Becoming a Business Partner

    Learn the essential consulting skills to become an invaluable business partner in your business. Business partnership extends far beyond subject matter expertise. This course will show you how to think strategically, build trust and ensure your professional credibility influences key decision makers in the business.

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  • Blue Sky Thinking

    Blue Sky Thinking

    The person who is capable of blue sky thinking inspires engagement and enthusiasm in those around them. People are encouraged to identify the limitations in current thinking processes so that possibilities can be considered and growth is fostered.

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  • Career Assessment

    Career Assessment

    While employers often focus on competency measurement, Career Assessment coaching focuses on those factors that drive culture fit, individual motivation and job satisfaction.

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  • Career in Transit

    Career in Transit

    CDL’s state of the art technology platform consists of Career Focus™, Resume PLUS™ and Integrated Transition™ – three distinctly separate e-learning portals to practically support employees in their career transition.

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  • Career Management

    Career Management

    Take charge of your career and develop a structured plan that will enable you to identify and accomplish your short, medium and long term professional goals. This course will give you direction and clarity that will enable you to make informed career decisions now and in the future.

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  • Career Search

    Career Search

    Career Search provides a platform for identifying future professional goals and when combined with job search, provides the answers two important questions: “What do I want to do next?” and “How do I get there?”

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  • CareerSpec


    There is a direct connection between the opportunity for growth and development and a company’s ability to attract, engage and retain their employees. CareerSpec™ guides the employee in their development so professional goals can be realised.

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  • Change Management Strategy

    Change Management Strategy

    Plan for and implement sustainable change in your organisation by having the skills, tools and resources that minimise risk, counter resistance and ensure stakeholder commitment to the future vision.

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  • Changing Direction

    Changing Direction

    Over the next few years as technology advances, many traditional occupations are likely to become scarce or may disappear altogether, creating a unique set of challenges to be overcome. This confidential coaching programme, facilitated over several weeks or as a workshop condensed into one day, provides the practical skills and resources that are needed for a career change.

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  • Charismatic Leadership

    Charismatic Leadership

    The self-image of the charismatic leader is usually so powerful and dynamic that other people are naturally drawn to them. In this way, a leader’s charisma acts as a catalyst to getting things done and to driving transformation across the business.

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  • Coaching and Mentoring Others

    Coaching and Mentoring Others

    Learn the skills that will facilitate insight, learning and change for others. Coaching and Mentoring is far more than having a conversation – it’s about engaging, sharing skills, experience, values and knowledge. It’s knowing how to create a real partnership!

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  • Communicating the Vision

    Communicating the Vision

    High-performing leaders recognise that those people who can identify with the company’s vision typically have higher levels of commitment, engagement, motivation and professional satisfaction.

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  • Competency-based Interviewing

    Competency-based Interviewing

    This programme will help managers to understand their particular personality preferences so that their natural leadership strengths can be harnessed and natural weaknesses can be addressed.

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  • Conflict Management

    Conflict Management

    Conflict rarely sorts itself out. If left unaddressed it can fester and escalate quickly. This course will show you how to recognise the signs of impending conflict and to bring about a resolution before it gets out of hand. By demonstrating a transparent process for resolving conflict you will learn how to create a work environment that fosters team and company stability.

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  • Conflict Resolution Coaching

    Conflict Resolution Coaching

    The transition needs to be delicately and sensitively managed as personal relationships are taken to a new level and delegation, performance monitoring and productivity assessment within the team become just a few of the responsibilities of the new role.

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  • Core Skills For Managers

    Core Skills For Managers

    Gain the core people management skills to create a high performing team and become a top people manager. This comprehensive course will provide you with a ‘people tool kit’ consisting of practical skills and resources that will drive team performance and productivity.

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  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    This programme provides the skills to alleviate the personal and work-related demands that come with adjusting to a new way of life in New Zealand.

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  • Cross Cultural Communication

    Cross Cultural Communication

    Mitigate the issues that can arise in a culturally diverse team by learning the skills to consciously address problems before they arise. This course will also show you how to manage different cultural terms of reference and behaviours so that misunderstandings don’t occur and get in the way of team cohesiveness.

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  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    It takes 6 x the effort to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. So learn how to deliver a positive brand message, encourage loyalty, handle difficult customers and drive repeat business. This course will also show you how to demonstrate a ‘can do’ customer service approach.

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  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

    Decision Making and Problem Solving

    An important skill is the ability to make decisions and solve problems, especially when quick action is needed during times of pressure or stress. One of the measures of this capability is knowing when to make quick and easy decisions and when to take the time to fully understand all of the contributing factors.

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  • Delegation


    The person who fails to delegate typically micromanages and makes every decision, takes a leading role in the completion of every task and dictates every small step that others take. This excessive attention and focus on the tasks only serves to demotivate and disengage talented people.

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  • Developing Personal Resilience

    Developing Personal Resilience

    Stop the ‘inner voice’ from destroying thought patterns and behaviour that gets in the way of being more resilient during times of adversity and stress. This course will also measure your resilience level and will provide you with the skills and tools that have been proven to increase resilience.

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  • Effective People Leadership

    Effective People Leadership

    Create a work environment where individuals and teams are able to realise personal and business goals as a result of your leadership. This comprehensive course will provide you with the skills to role model the behaviours associated with effective leadership. You will be able to influence, motivate and engage others to heighten individual and team performance and productivity.

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  • Embracing Change

    Embracing Change

    Remove the stress and uncertainty associated with change and learn how to view the event as an opportunity in waiting. This course will provide you with proven techniques that have assisted thousands of people to take greater control when faced with the unknown and to embrace change rather than to fear it.

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  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence

    Recognise your behaviours, moods, and impulses and learn techniques that will enable you to manage them more effectively according to the situation. This course will give you the fundamental skills and behaviours associated with emotional intelligence so that you can achieve greater career success and relationship satisfaction.

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  • Emotional Intelligence – The Business Case

    Emotional Intelligence – The Business Case

    ​Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) just the latest ‘buzz phrase’ or is it really a strong indicator of business performance? Research has shown that high levels of emotional intelligence may likely be the factor that differentiates leading organisations from the rest in a marketplace that has become globally complete and competitive.

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  • Employee Development Planning

    Employee Development Planning

    Developing an employee involves helping to improve his or her skills in their current role as well as developing them for future responsibilities and new positions within the business. This takes consideration of the business’s goals so that development plans align with company needs and skills, knowledge and competencies support business objectives.

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  • Entrepreneurship


    Independently contracting, freelancing, consulting, buying a new or existing business or franchise are all aspects of small business management. This coaching programme focuses on identifying ‘fit’ and providing the tools that will support business success.

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  • Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    Applying CDL’s unique 3x3x3 model, our Executive Coaching is a highly personalised and confidential programme of mentoring support and advice, specifically tailored to individual need.Facilitated over three or six months (dependent on the outcomes to be achieved), Executive Coaching is provided by a qualified and highly experienced Executive Coach.

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  • Executive Search

    Executive Search

    A highly tailored and confidential career transition coaching programme, facilitated up to six months, providing a comprehensive career analysis together with senior level search and selection skills. Included in Executive Search is access to CDL’s comprehensive and interactive Career in Transit™ e-learning tool.

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  • Facilitating the Performance Appraisal

    Facilitating the Performance Appraisal

    Effective appraisals enable open two-way conversations to take place, including the opportunity for comments and suggestions about any perceived business or personal issues that may be impacting performance.

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  • Improving Employee Motivation

    Improving Employee Motivation

    Are your employees genuinely motivated to come to work, or are they just going through the motions of being there? This course provides proven motivational skills and techniques that will enable you to create a driven team culture, even through the tough times.

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  • Influence and Persuasion Skills

    Influence and Persuasion Skills

    Few people give thought to the tactics they use to influence and persuade others. This course will rate your influential ability, show you how you can become more influential and persuasive and provide techniques that will help you to overcome reluctance and resistance.

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  • Innovation and Change

    Innovation and Change

    As the pace of change intensifies, creating and sustaining a culture of innovation, finding creative ways to improve, and having the skills to adapt to changing circumstances, are often the critical differences between those organisations that thrive and those that merely exist.

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  • Inspirational Leadership

    Inspirational Leadership

    A new style of leadership is beginning to emerge which is more about collaboration than authority. Instead of coercion and issuing threats to produce results, leaders are focusing on inspiring others to high levels of effort and performance and energising people to achieve exceptional success for themselves and the organisation.

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  • Internal Application

    Internal Application

    Put your ‘best foot forward’ when applying for a competitive internal role by acing the application process. Learn techniques that will enable you to communicate your skills and strengths even when the interviewer(s) already know what you can do.

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  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills

    Interpersonal and Communication Skills

    Drive interpersonal connectedness by learning the people skills that will help you to develop rapport and build trust. This course will show you the techniques that you can use to strengthen personal and professional relationships and confidently persuade other people to accept your point of view.

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  • Introduction to Personality Styles

    Introduction to Personality Styles

    Applying the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) instrument, this programme provides an introduction to personality preferences and the way that ‘type’ can be used to enhance personal and professional effectiveness.

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  • Introduction to Retirement

    Introduction to Retirement

    This coaching programme or workshop provides a focus on lifestyle planning whilst also including CV / Resume formatting and presentation so that applications for part-time or casual work can be submitted.

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  • Introduction to Supervision

    Introduction to Supervision

    Combine your technical expertise with the skills proven to be essential for people supervision. Learn how to plan, organise, direct, motivate and delegate and lay the foundation for a successful people management career.

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  • Job Focus

    Job Focus

    When groups of people in one location face the disestablishment of their roles at the same time. This workshop provides the practical tools and skills to enter the job market with confidence.

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  • Job Search

    Job Search

    A confidential coaching programme, facilitated over several weeks or condensed into one day and providing the practical skills and resources required for successful job search. Job Search is also available as a one day workshop (or two half days), for up to 12 people.

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  • Leadership Development Coaching

    Leadership Development Coaching

    Leadership developmental coaching provided by CDL is designed to empower senior managers to recognise and overcome barriers that are impacting performance while also identifying personal and professional development needs.

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  • Leadership Impact

    Leadership Impact

    Most leaders are unaware of their impact and the degree to which their leadership behaviour may need to be amended or refined for greater effectiveness.

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  • Leading Change

    Leading Change

    Champion the change process, ensure productivity and morale is sustained and squash the ‘rumour mill’ by knowing just what to communicate and when. This course will also show you how to identify those who are not coping and how to leverage off others who demonstrate higher levels of resilience.

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  • Leading Effective Meetings

    Leading Effective Meetings

    Meetings are important for reasons other than just getting a job done. They are a forum for regular and consistent information-sharing among all team members so that everyone has a common understanding of team objectives, needs and tasks.

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  • Leading High Performance Teams

    Leading High Performance Teams

    The person who heads a high performance team has the skills to take the team from achieving average results to a team that is focused and is recognised for its accomplishments.

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  • Lifestyle Planning – Retirement

    Lifestyle Planning – Retirement

    The traditional view of retirement just does not fit any more. Most of today’s employees who are over the age of 50 are looking for more balance between work and personal commitments. This comprehensive course covers many aspects of ‘third age’ planning and will assist you to identify the opportunities and take action that is deliberate and decisive.

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  • Management Search

    Management Search

    A confidential career transition coaching programme, facilitated up to 3-4 months and providing a comprehensive career analysis together with senior level search and selection skills. Included in Management Search is access to CDL’s comprehensive and interactive Career in Transit™ e-learning tool.

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  • Managing an Ageing Workforce

    Managing an Ageing Workforce

    Prevent costly litigation and claims of age discrimination when facilitating conversations that could lead to talking about retirement. Learn how to plan and cater to the diverse professional and personal needs of the older employee while ensuring their knowledge is not lost to the business.

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  • Managing Employee Exits

    Managing Employee Exits

    Handle the mixed emotions that often accompany employee exits. Whether an exit is a result of resignation, redundancy, poor performance or retirement, this course will show you how to develop a transition plan, design and facilitate an exit interview and ensure a dignified and sensitive departure.

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  • Managing Generational Diversity

    Managing Generational Diversity

    Juggle the different personalities, work styles, priorities, values and behaviours of the multiple generations in the workforce today. This course will provide the skills and techniques for managing diverse communication preferences, resolving inter-generational conflict and for finding common ground.

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  • Managing the Media

    Managing the Media

    Media exposure is critical for the survival of many organisations in today’s fast-paced digital world. Having the skills to handle the media can strongly influence the brand and public image of the company and the professional reputation of the interviewee.

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  • Moving Teams Beyond Change

    Moving Teams Beyond Change

    Are your people feeling battered and bruised following a change process? This course will provide you with the skills and resources you need to lead your team forward after a change event. You will learn how to re-energise yourself and your people and re-build a committed and resilient team.

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  • Negotiation Skills

    Negotiation Skills

    Create a win win situation, build trust and achieve a long term business relationship. This course will give you the core skills for negotiation success. You will learn to plan and prepare for the negotiation process, know the tricks and tools and have the confidence to come from a position of strength.

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  • Networking Skills

    Networking Skills

    Build instant connection and confidently grow your sphere of influence. This course will also show you how to increase your personal reputation and credibility and develop new relationships while opening doors to new opportunities.

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  • Onboarding and Orientation

    Onboarding and Orientation

    Jump start a new employee’s introduction to the business so they have the confidence and resources to make an impact in the role as soon as possible. This course will show you how the business will benefit from making the new employee feel valued from Day One.

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  • People Management Coaching

    People Management Coaching

    When people management skills are lacking, leaders can often feel out of their depth, managing crisis by crisis and dealing with people management issues only as they arise. This coaching programme provides the practical skills needed to manage others with confidence.

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  • Performance Management

    Performance Management

    Have the confidence to take immediate action when witnessing poor performance before it starts to impact team morale and productivity. This course provides a simple 6 step process for People Managers to use when addressing performance issues.

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  • Performance Measurement and Management

    Performance Measurement and Management

    You want your people to reach optimum performance levels, especially when employees are trained to perform distinctly different job functions. You also want to be able to measure individual performance so you can understand how well the organisation is accomplishing its goals.

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  • Personal Effectiveness

    Personal Effectiveness

    People who are personally effective typically have two qualities: They make good use of their resources and they are skilled at achieving their goals in a timely and cost-effective way.

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  • Personality Styles and Leadership

    Personality Styles and Leadership

    This programme will help managers to understand their particular personality preferences so that their natural leadership strengths can be harnessed and natural weaknesses can be addressed.

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  • Presentation Skills

    Presentation Skills

    Successful presentations seldom ‘just happen’. They are planned, rehearsed and delivered with flair. This course will show you how to stand up in front of an audience and deliver a compelling presentation with confidence.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    A project is not a routine operation – it requires the application of a specific set of skills, knowledge and techniques that combine to be able to execute a project effectively and efficiently. This course will show you how to plan, organise, motivate and control resources so that you can celebrate the completion of a successful project.

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  • Public Speaking

    Public Speaking

    A two hour in-house workshop for up to 12 people, or a one to one coaching programme that provides the skills associated with managing the people impact of restructuring and redundancy.

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  • Recruitment and Selection

    Recruitment and Selection

    Avoid impacting the profitability of the business by making a poor recruitment decision. This course will show you how to measure the need to add extra resource to the team and then to execute a fair, transparent, competency based recruitment process.

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  • Remote Leadership

    Remote Leadership

    A different and unique set of skills is needed when managing people in geographically diverse locations. This course provides a range of proven techniques for managing people remotely and ensuring team inclusivity.

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  • Retention and Development Coaching

    Retention and Development Coaching

    Focused on engaging and retaining the employee within the business, Retention and Development coaching provides a platform for identifying and assessing developmental opportunities and future internal roles.

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  • Return to the Workforce

    Return to the Workforce

    Recognising the challenges that can be faced when returning to work and career following a period of parental leave, this programme provides practical support and advice, specifically designed to ease the transition back to work.

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  • Skills Shift

    Skills Shift

    A confidential coaching programme, specifically for blue collar workers who are entering the job market because their existing skills are being taken over by technology. Skills Shift is also available as a one day workshop (or two half days), for up to 12 people.

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  • Strategic Leadership

    Strategic Leadership

    Learning the skills associated with strategic development and implementation enhances the ability of the senior leader to remove ambiguity, provide clarity and to ensure that employees are aligned with the shared vision of the company.

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  • Team Communication and Effectiveness

    Team Communication and Effectiveness

    Recognise and respect the individual personality differences that exist within the team so people are driven to collaborate and communicate more effectively. This course will show each team member how to overcome differences, improve interpersonal relations and capitalise on individual communication styles and strengths.

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  • The First 100 Days

    The First 100 Days

    For many people who take on a new senior role, there is a steep learning curve to navigate. Handling the first 100 days is critical to being able to perform effectively in the months and years that lie ahead. This programme, is facilitated over several weeks and is designed to help the new appointee set the scene for future role success during and beyond the first 100 days.

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  • Time Management

    Time Management

    Control the time you have available, handle distractions and interruptions with ease, stay focused and never lose momentum are just some of the skills you will learn when you take this course. You will find more time in your day that you ever imagined was possible!

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  • Train the Trainer

    Train the Trainer

    A stimulating and highly interactive course that provides a robust training framework designed to develop or enhance training skills and attitudes that enable others to grow and learn. Training and facilitation practice is a key component.

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  • Traits of Successful Leaders

    Traits of Successful Leaders

    With effective training and skills development, leadership can eventually become an unconscious way of acting. There are specific traits that many successful leaders share and most people can recognise these in a successful leader in action.

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  • Transformational Leadership

    Transformational Leadership

    Transformational leaders have positive expectations for followers, believing that they can do their best. They inspire, empower and stimulate followers to achieve beyond normal levels of performance. Transformational leaders focus on and care about followers and their personal needs and development.

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  • Transition from Peer to Manager

    Transition from Peer to Manager

    The transition needs to be delicately and sensitively managed as personal relationships are taken to a new level and delegation, performance monitoring and productivity assessment within the team become just a few of the responsibilities of the new role.

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  • TwowayFocus


    This unique and innovative team management model blends the very best resources in professional development with the skills and confidence required by managers to have effective developmental conversations with their people. Integrated as part of the annual performance appraisal or as a distinctive developmental intervention, the TWOwayFOCUS™ model enhances team leadership skills while also fostering employee need for development and growth.

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  • Work Link

    Work Link

    Work Link is designed to provide simple and practical job search assistance and includes those tools that each person will need to be successful in today’s employment market.

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  • WorkTalks


    A simple and self-directed e-learning tool that focuses on assessing those factors that contribute to optimal levels of job satisfaction and motivation.

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