Shirley and Eoin Keith (CDL) visit Arusha, Tanzania

In July, two of CDL’s Directors had the privilege of travelling to Arusha in Tanzania and meeting Glory, the four year old child that CDL sponsors on behalf of our clients across New Zealand.    

Our annual sponsorship, arranged through Rotary International, began in November last year and provides Glory with an education for life, something that most Tanzanian children never get to experience. Glory is already learning to read and speak English and is progressing well at the pre – school she attends – she is a very bright little girl! The sponsorship also covers dental and medical expenses, uniform costs, a hearty lunch every school day, and learning resources.

It’s hard for Shirley and Eoin to describe the emotion that accompanied their day in Arusha.  Two words that instantly come to mind are ‘extremely humbling’. Glory and Doreena live a tough life – their home is one room with a mouldy ceiling, paper thin walls and just enough space for a double bed and there are no sheets or blankets on this bed. In a very small corner of the room sits a pile of pots and pans along with a gas stove and a small area for a pile of clothes. There is no running water in this room and no electricity.  A single candle is the source of warmth and light.  The sinks in the communal toilet are used for bathing and laundry.

Despite the harshness of their environment, we learned through translaters that Doreena is incredibly grateful for the home she now has, compared to the primitive mud hut they both lived in prior to receiving CDL’s help.  The pre – school that Glory now attends has opened their doors to Doreena who earns a small income by frying cassava in the school grounds and selling it to visitors to the school – a stark contrast to having to sit on the side of a muddy road to beg for money so she can feed her daughter.

Their lives have improved beyond measure, and yet all that Shirley and Eoin wanted to do was somehow make it so much better. “We spent a treasured two hours with the mother and daughter and watched in delight as Glory carefully opened the presents that we gave her.   There were no need for words – the smiles and the hugs from Glory and Doreena said it all.”

To our clients – you can take heart that you have made a HUGE difference in a little girl’s life and we look forward to sharing her progress with you.



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