Quick Q&A With Dianne Blackbourn from Framecad

Tell us a little bit about Framecad?

FRAMECAD is a NZ company with Offices in NZ, Melbourne, Dallas, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Dubai. We provide a Building System which enables our customers to make quality buildings in Light Gauge Steel.

Framecad is currently going through a leadership development programme, what are you hoping to achieve?

Cohesive Leadership across the business.

What crucial things would you say need to be in place to ensure a leadership development programme is successful?

Buy in from the team on the training and an undertaking that they will follow the programme.

So currently, you’re about halfway through your programme, what improvements have you noticed so far as a result?

People have a greater understanding of working together and teams are performing better.

Finally, what advice would you give to businesses who are looking to do a leadership and development programme?

Understand where your Leaders are on their journey and work with a company that can help with those variances.


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