Outplacement Services: Importance in Times of Change

Nothing ever remains the same: everything changes. In fact, we can say that the only constant in life is change itself. Change is necessary for survival and as plants, animals and other life on earth change to fit changing environments, so must organisation to fit an ever-changing business environment.

Organisational change, also known as restructuring, turnaround or reorganisation, is the process in which organisations review and modify management structures, strategies, technologies, operational methods, or culture to become more competitive and grow. Change cannot be avoided and all companies will have to face it at some point, whether in large-scale (where it affects the entire organisation) or in small scale (where only a few individuals are involved.)

Although the intention of change is good – to keep the organisation afloat and a lot of people employed – it could have some side effects. With the restructuring of an organisation, some positions might become redundant which means that you will have to let go of some of your employees. And nothing is as difficult as letting go a good employee because you no longer have a place for them.

Laying off employees is never easy, but redundancies needn’t be a disaster either for you or for your departing employees. By providing outplacement services for your outgoing employees, you can help them re-orient themselves to the job market, look for new employment and support them through the transition to their next role.

Why outplacement is important in times of change

Providing outplacement services is not only important for your erstwhile employees but also for the organisation as well. Here is why:

  1. It helps your displaced workers land on their feet. Losing one’s job can be both shocking and stressful. With outplacement services your former employees will get counselling that will reduce the blow and help them reorient themselves to the current job market – which can be especially difficult if you have been in the same job for a long time. Outplacement providers also help their candidates (your former employees) with CV development, job search, interview training and salary negotiation so as to improve their chances of landing a new job within the shortest time possible.
  2. Protecting the company’s reputation. If all goes well, your company will bounce back and you will need to hire more employees in the future. Therefore you don’t want to spoil your reputation as an employer in the job market. Providing outplacement services for your people demonstrates that you have respect for them and that your business recognises that employees are its most valuable assets and treats them so. Furthermore, employees who have been treated well during their exit will have positive things to say about your company instead of spreading negative comments. This will help you attract top talent once your company stabilises and starts to grow.
  3. Avoiding litigation. Laying off employees can sometimes be a messy affair and could lead to employees filing legal suits against your company. Outplacement helps your former employees recover from the emotional trauma of losing their job and helps them turn their focus from the past and point it to the future. By helping your employees move forward the negative feelings they might have for your business will be reduced and hence the risk of litigation is reduced.
  4. Improving morale and productivity. Employee morale is at its lowest when organisations are downsizing. There is a gloomy feeling in the workplace as employees sympathise with their affected colleagues. By providing outplacement services for your departing employees you will be sending a clear message to your remaining employees that their former workmates will not be abandoned and that the organisation will stick with them until they find another job.
  5. Easing stress and anxiety. All employees in the organisation will be stressed and anxious during the restructuring period as they live in constant fear for their jobs. By seeing how well their colleagues are being treated during their exit, your remaining employees will become less stressed and anxious as they will know that the organisation will stand behind them during the difficult transition.

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