Leadership Development: Building Strong Leaders

Every business has a leadership team.  These teams comprise men and women who hold a variety of top positions within the organization and who – together – make critical decisions that steer the business.  Leaders determine the success of a business: if they fail, then the whole business fails too. It’s critical for a business to have strong leaders, and that is why leadership development is essential.

Leadership development also helps prepare your business for the future. It helps you groom potential leaders so that they can take up top positions once the current leaders are gone.

Studies show that despite succession being an essential part of strategic planning, a lot of companies ignore leadership development to focus on more pressing issues. This is dangerous because the future of your organization depends on identifying and developing the next generation of its leaders.

A 2014 survey by Deloitte showed that 86% of business leaders acknowledged that the future of their organisations depends on the effectiveness of their leadership pipelines – yet another survey of HR leaders revealed that only 13% were confident in their succession plan, with 54% of the respondents reporting damage to their organisations due to talent shortage. (Source: https://hbr.org/2015/01/evaluate-your-leadership-development-program)

From this, we can see that despite business leaders knowing the importance of developing future leadership, very little is being done in this respect.

So what makes a strong leader? Let’s take a look at some of the things that make a great leader.


Being a leader is not about being popular. It helps, but of more important is respect.  Earning respect can take time and will require you to make hard decisions. To earn respect, you will need to be fair and have the confidence to address conflict and tackle challenges head on. This will ensure that you rightfully earn the respect you deserve and become a role model for the people under you.


A good strong leader understands his/her strengths and weaknesses and appreciates the power of delegation.  In fact, they are well aware that for a company to succeed, its members must work together as a team.  Acknowledging the fact that you cannot do everything perfectly all the time is critical and probably one of the biggest challenges for many leaders.

By delegating to team members, leaders make a positive step towards helping develop other employees, which is essential for the business as a whole.

Good leaders build strong teams

Good leaders understand the importance of having exceptional people working by their side. They know how to seek the best people, the importance of teamwork and how to be good role models.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, every employee in a business is required to play his or her part and work together to create the final masterpiece.  Some pieces are there for structure, and others to work together to achieve a greater view.  Developing leaders gives your business structure and strength. Good leaders then work to create teams that have an extension of their beliefs and desire to succeed.

Leadership programs

Leadership development programs are designed to fine tune the skills of those identified as leaders within the organisation, but also to help the business pin point those with emerging attributes that will one day become members of the leadership team.

Leadership programs give people the confidence to climb mountains and a desire to reach goals that require a fully engaged team behind them.  Most importantly, leadership development programs don’t train leaders, they coach them, develop them and ultimately make them more effective.

CDL Insight Consulting knows all about leadership development and has a dedicated team ready to support you and help grow your business to greater heights.

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