Interesting Read: Enabling Organizational Change through Strategic Initiatives

When an organisation embarks on change, whether to take advantage of new opportunities or as a survival necessity, the impact is far-reaching. Processes, systems, vendors and sometimes the overall mindset (or mission) of the organisation will be impacted. Failure to execute sustainable change can make an organisation lose its competitive advantage. This is what makes effective change management crucial for organisations.

The reality, however, is that few organisations (about 18%) successfully execute effective change management. Research shows that organisations that are good at change management – change enablers – incorporate the following practices for successful strategic initiatives:

  • They have well-defined metrics and milestonesenabling-organisational-change
  • There is commitment to change by senior management
  • They establish and communicate concrete accountability and ownership
  • They use standardised project management practices
  • Executive sponsors are engaged.

Research also shows that change enablers:

  • Have an organisational culture that embraces change
  • Effectively manage employees through change

In today’s business environment, change is inevitable. But for organisational change management to be successful, there has to be commitment to transform the organisation from what it is right now to what it wants to be. This should be done without losing customer confidence or risking employee retention and morale.

“This in-depth report provides insights from a 2014 PMI study of experienced project management practitioners from around the globe. The report seeks to help organizations identify where they can create more efficient, effective change management, and develop competencies to successfully implement and sustain change. Change is inevitable and organizations that manage it effectively will pull ahead of their competition.”


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