How to Successfully Undertake Change Management Projects

Great article on .  The need for experts who can assist an organisation navigate through change successfully has never been greater. Although a project team is crucial for success, a senior level advisor to partner with the project leader is invaluable. The advisor can partner with executive leadership to help navigate through change management and avoid the common pitfalls commonly encountered. There are four main areas where the help of an advisor is indispensable in change management:

  1. Strategy Definition. Many are times when executives embrace an idea only to realise that a different outcome, tool or process is needed for success. A good advisor, if involved from the beginning, will help the executive explore the strategy they are defining and examine whether it will create the desired outcome.
  2. Building a coalition – 75% of the management needs to “buy into” the change for it to be successful. A coach helps the executive link the change to the interests of the individuals in the leadership team created to support the project.
  3. Communication. Executives often fail to communicate the right message and communicate it frequently enough across the organisation. A senior advisor will help the executive craft appropriate messages for different areas of the organisation and apply consistent pressure to the leader on the need for constant communication.
  4. Maintaining Change.  With only 25% of change management initiatives being successful in the long term, change maintenance is perhaps the most crucial step. A senior advisor helps guide executives to the idea that change must be maintained over time and how best to do it.

The help of a trustworthy unbiased outsider is crucial for effective change management.

The advisor helps the executive by highlighting some of the less favourable realities and truths they might not want to face and challenges their assumptions where necessary. It is this kind of collaboration that ensures change is managed successfully.

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