Employee Engagement – Top Tips for Improvement

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders today is employee engagement. According to a recent study by Gallup, at least 60% of employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged. While we can debate the validity of this assertion one thing is for sure; creating an engaged workforce will directly lead to higher profitability, increased customer satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

Engaging employees should be among the top priorities of any business leader because it ensures that your people are invested in their work and are committed to contributing positively to help the company succeed and achieve its objectives.

The question is not whether you as a leader should be addressing employee engagement. The question is: “How?”

So how do you ensure that your employees are engaged and satisfied with their jobs? Here are five top tips that will help improve employee engagement in your organisation.

  1. Invest in the development of your people. When you are committed to the personal and professional growth of your employees it shows them that they are of value to the organisation. It lets them know that you care about their growth both within the organisation as well as outside. Some companies are a bit timid about giving their employees too many skills, fearing that this will make them more attractive for other employment opportunities and more likely to leave. Quite the opposite is true. When you give your employees the chance to expand their knowledge and grow, it will actually improve their level of engagement thus making them more productive and willing to stay longer in your organisation.
  2. Create a positive work environment. The culture of an organisation and the working conditions are some of the biggest influencers of employee engagement. Employees should feel free and comfortable to express themselves. You don’t want your employees feeling like they are in captivity when they are at work. After all, your workers spend more time at work than anywhere else so it’s practically their home. Develop a culture that emphasises teamwork, family, trust and passion. Fun group activities are a great way to do this.
  3. Make work matter. If employees feel that your organisation’s sole focus is increasing sales, they will be in constant danger of disengagement. People like to feel like they are a part of something big and meaningful, not just making money. Help your employees identify meaning in their work. Whether it’s delighting customers or helping make the world a better place, a higher purpose will help improve employee engagement in your organisation.
  4. Show appreciation. This is perhaps the easiest way of motivating employees and improving their level of engagement. When you show genuine appreciation to your employees for the work they have done, it makes them feel that their efforts are being noticed. They will in turn work harder and care more about their job. When most managers think about showing employees appreciation for their work they immediately assume that it involves money and will cost them quite a bit – but not really. Appreciation does not have to be expensive or elaborate. Something as simple as a “thank you” can do wonders. The trick is to do it regularly.
  5. Offer flexibility. Work-life balance is crucial for employee engagement. So let your employees determine their work hours and schedules to better suit their needs, as far as possible. Let them create time to do other things that are important to them. Give your workers freedom to achieve results without micromanaging them or focussing on the time they spend at work. Let your employees know that as long as they produce results it doesn’t matter the amount of time they spend at their desk.

Maintaining high levels of employee engagement is crucial for productivity and employee retention. Let CDL Insight Consulting help your organisation become more productive and retain its top talent.






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