Blue Collar Worker Management

Blue collar workers are typically defined as the working class and generally earn lower incomes than “white collar” workers. Their jobs include retail, manufacturing, mining, construction, and other jobs where a significant amount of physical labour is required. Blue collar workers make up a significant percentage of any company’s workforce (often more than half) and are […]

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Leadership Capacity: Creating Leadership Capability that Matches Your Strategy

Organisations will often create strategic plans with the aim to seize opportunities that align with their vision. The results, however, are not always as intended. Mckinsey’s Tsun-yan, Hsieh and Sara Yik argued that many organisations fall short of their strategic aspirations due to leadership gaps. These gaps can lead to capability shortcomings and make it […]

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How to improve your employee performance management in 4 steps

Some people are probably wondering ‘what is performance management?’ Generally speaking, employee performance management allows people managers at all levels to measure if their employees are performing efficiently and effectively. It is evident that employee performance is critical to business success, however, the topic is often seen as an HR tool to manage poor performance […]

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5 Tips For Retaining Key Staff

Whether your business is just starting out, mature, big or small; employee turnover can be very costly. Losing a good employee doesn’t only have financial repercussions , it impacts your business on other levels too. The financial cost is obvious since you will have to recruit and train a new person while having one less […]

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Market Pulse November 2015 – Comments from CDL’s General Manager Operations

In the frantic rush to end of the calendar year we take note of the continuous disruption, change and people development and retention needs that many of our clients are experiencing as the market continues to be buoyant. Whether we like it or not change is a continuum. Technology, innovation and the need to be […]

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